A part of High Coast Startup WeekFROM DREAM TO REALITYfre 8 okt. 2021 13:00-17:00 @ House Be Örnsköldsvik

Jerry Engström in action

Many of us probably carry a dream of working with our passion - to start our own or maybe be able to work part time with our hobby. This afternoon, Jerry Engström will share his tips and thoughts on how to go from dream to reality.

We go through three blocks: The prerequisites, the basic work and how to reach out with your passion. You will have time to work on your dream but also get tools to continue to refine the plan at home and then get started and make it a reality.


In this block, we go through the conditions required for you to be able to go from thought to action. We go through your dream and try to visualize it at the same time as we go through, among other things, security and fears as well as time aspects that will affect you during the trip.


Now we put together the building blocks of your dream. What is your target audience and what are their options. We look at what emotional and functional needs your dream solves and how you can distinguish it from existing solutions. We also go through how to build trust in what you want to create.


Once we have gone through your conditions and done the basic work, there is nothing that should stop you from getting started. We go through how to get things done and what a strategy and action plan can look like. We also go through tips on how you can take your dream to higher levels through collaboration with others.

Jerry Engström in action a second time

About Jerry Engström:

Jerry Engström is the multi-tasker who, among other things, has won awards as Sweden's Best Marketing Manager and Sweden's Best Site Marketer. Jerry has previously worked as Global Marketing Manager for Fjällräven before resigning and moving back to the High Coast to create FriluftsByn, a sustainable balance between adventure, creativity and community.

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This workshop is free for you as a participant. It's part of High Coast Startup Week and is organized by Impact Quest together with Världsklass Örnsköldsvik.